Swan Bay

Description & Location

This pitch is a non-electric wild camping bay.

This is our largest camping bay, suitable for quiet camping groups of up to 5 units. Please see notes.

Please be aware of Our Expectations, we are a site for relaxation and use of the river, we are not for parties wanting to get inebriated and be raucous - such parties will be asked to leave.

This is the forth mown circle in the long grass you come to. The facilities are roughly a 4 minute walk from here.

You can also use what3words ///hooks.mealtime.outfit to assist you in locating this pitch.

Pitch Measurements

19m from the track to the back of the pitch

22m wide

Pitch Notes

Your vehicle must also fit on your pitch with your unit.  During the months of October to April you may not be able to drive on the grass leaving the pitch only suitable for tents where you will have to park your car in the car park.

Shared pitches are for guests booking together, if you book this pitch as a single unit it will not be shared with another booking. 

Suitable for up to 5 units depending on their size, please check sizing and ensure your units plus cars can fit in the pitch, cars must be counted as a unit in this case. I.e.;

    1. 5 campervans and no additional cars would be suitable.
    2. 5 large tents and cars would not be suitable.

The size of the pitch is for the entirety of the pitch, therefore if sharing the above sizing must fit all units on it and your units must be at least 3m apart.

There may not be room for awnings and communal gazebos when shared, please check sizing and rules.