Site Information & Expectations

Site Information

Our site is for families who want to utilise the river and enjoy the birds/bees/wildlife, as parents of two young children, we know children get excited but this is a place for quiet relaxation for all guests.

Therefore please;

  • no screaming and shouting
  • do not allow children to run through other pitches
  • supervise your children at the play area (closes at dusk)
  • supervise your children during use of the toilet/shower facilities and mop up after them 

Three Rivers is along the Waveney River and is surrounded by open, tidal water, children must be supervised at all times - please bring life jackets/buoyancy aids if you feel your children may need them.

No intruding ball games are permitted on site, there is a park at the top of Geldeston Hill with a playing field. 

Nature play is encouraged, however please if your children pull out sticks/branches/stones etc onto any area that is mown please can you remove before you leave as they can be a danger if not seen when mowing.

All water taps on-site are mains drinking water. If you wish to fill an onboard tank please use the 50m hose fixed to the fence before the reception building and checking in. Other shared water taps on-site are on The Boat Shed facilities building, at the top of the grass driveway near Pitch 1 and between pitches 12 and 14 which is the nearest one to the Wild Camping area.

From October to April the water taps on the field are shut off - please use the other taps at the waste & disposal area or the facilities building.

The bins for general rubbish, fire pit & BBQ ash, grey waste water and chemical toilet emptying are found next to the Reception building. Please separate your rubbish and place it accordingly. The metal bins are for emptying your ashes and BBQs into - please do not empty these anywhere else on-site. Take any broken equipment (chairs/tents/inflatables) back home with you as these do not go in our general rubbish bins.

These facilities are here for your benefit, please leave them as you would wish to find them. Children must be accompanied to ensure cleanliness. Sometimes our cleaners may need to close the facilities for a short period of time to ensure they are up to standard.

Our washing up facilities are located behind The Boat Shed facilities building. We recommend you bring your own washing up bowl.

Please read our Fire Safety information. Campfires are only allowed in man made fire pits held off the ground, burn marks will be charged a re-seeding fee. Please water the ground under and around your fire pit to minimise scorching. Wood and kindling can be purchased on-site, there are also fire pits to hire subject to availability. If you have hired one of our fire pits you can collect this from behind The Boat Shed (where the logs and kindling are also located). There is a cart nearby to help you manoeuvre your fire pit. Do not put out fires in our cast iron fire pits with water - they will crack and you will have to pay for the replacement. On your departure day please empty your fire pit and return it to us.

Please note the site is a natural outdoor space, there are stinging nettles, thistles, rabbit holes, mole hills, wasps etc, take care when navigating around the site. The site is not fully lit at night and we recommend that you bring torches. All pitches come with a picnic bench, you may move your bench within your pitch but please do not move them anywhere else.

Please remember pets are required to be on their leads at all times outside of your pitch and don’t forget to pick up after them. Please make sure your pet is quiet while on-site (we know they can make noise but consistent noise is disturbing to our other guests and neighbours). If your pet requires some off-lead exercise there is an enclosed dog exercise area in Geldeston - turn left outside of the campsite and it can be found on the right hand side past the Locks Inn track, you can also follow our Google Maps link.


The Waveney Valley is a natural spot of beauty and part of the Broads National Park. We do not want our site or guests to disturb the wildlife or our villagers, Geldeston prides itself on its “darkness”.

Therefore, do not erect lights higher than your tent/caravan/motorhome, any bright/neon lights, flags or light poles, only warm white fairy lights are acceptable in awnings, gazebos and around windbreaks.

Please refrain from driving on-site or having your car running/headlights on after dusk. If you are arriving after dusk or returning to site after a day out please dip your lights and turn your vehicle off as soon as you get back to your pitch.