Our Expectations

Our Expectations

We try to be pretty flexible as we just want you to come and enjoy our great space, however there are a few things we do ask...

Our site is for families who want to utilise the river and enjoy the birds/bees/wildlife, as parents of two young children, we know children get excited but this is a place for quiet relaxation for all guests. Therefore please no screaming and shouting. Please do not allow children to run through other pitches (especially due to Covid-19). Children must be supervised at the play area, which closes at dusk, and during use of the toilet/shower facilities. Remember, Three Rivers is along the Waveney River and surrounded by open, tidal water, children must be supervised at all times - please bring life jackets/buoyancy aids if you feel your children may need them. No ball games are permitted on site, there is a park at the top of Geldeston Hill. 

Nature play is encouraged, however please if your children pull out sticks/branches/stones etc onto the field/into the mown bays please can you return them to where ever they came from before you leave as they can be a danger if not seen when mowing.

We no longer accept group bookings during school summer holidays and bank holidays. During these periods we will only be able to accept two pitches booked together. We apologise to our groups that are no trouble but we strive to preserve our campsite as a peaceful place for people to enjoy nature. Dates we will not be accepting groups in 2022 are as follows;

April 15th - 18th (minimum 3 nights stay)
April 29th - 2nd May (minimum 3 nights stay)
June 1st - 5th (minimum 4 nights stay)
July 22nd - 5th September 
August 26th - 29th (minimum 3 nights stay)
December 24th - 26th - (minimum 3 nights stay)
December 30th - 1st January - (minimum 3 nights stay)

We are a smoking free site due to the disappointing lack of care some have with disposing of their butts properly. If you wish to smoke you will have to leave the premises. This does not apply to “vaping”.

Campfires are only allowed in fire pits that are held off the ground, we do not want burn marks on the pitches. If you do not have one we have some available for hire. Please empty all BBQs and fire pits safely in our designated metal bins provided at the bin area, so we do not have any unwanted wildfires! Sometimes due to dry weather conditions we may have to ban fires. You are welcome to bring your own logs or we have some available for sale but please do not "forage" the site as this does disturb the natural ecosystem on site.
Please refer to our Fire Safety guidelines.

Caravan and motorhome guests, please ensure that you have carried out safety checks on your own cooking appliances and that you are equipped with fire blankets and safety equipment.

Please remember pets are required to be on their leads at all times and do not forget to pick up after them. Please make sure your pet is quiet while on site (we know they can make noise but consistent noise is disturbing to our other guests and neighbours). If your pet requires some off-lead exercise there is an enclosed dog exercise area in Geldeston - you can find directions via a map on our page: CLICK HERE.

Please keep the noise levels down for our surrounding neighbours. This means no loud music and please turn off any music by 9pm, no running of cars after 9pm unless you are arriving late for your stay or returning from an evening out. Please keep noise levels down until 9am as well please. Please respect your fellow guests.

The Waveney Valley is a natural spot of beauty and part of the Broads National Park so no bright/neon lights, flags or light poles or any other things that may disturb the wildlife or our villagers, Geldeston prides itself on it’s “darkness”. Please no lights higher than your tent/caravan/motorhome, warm white fairy lights are fine in awnings, gazebos and around windbreaks.

Please remember this is a family run site so cleaning up after yourself is greatly appreciated. We are keen to recycle, so please try and follow the signs on site, normal waste is acceptable but please do not leave broken furniture or equipment behind. All BBQs and fire pits must be emptied safely in our designated metal bins provided at the bin area.

In the event of a lightning storm we ask guests not to use the facilities as The Boat Shed does not have lightning protection. If you choose to use it in a lightning storm it’s at your own risk.

Late Check Out
Late check out fees are £10 per unit. Please speak to a team member on the morning of your departure to see if this is a possibility for your stay. Unfortunately this is not something we can gaurantee in advance. 

Please do not wander through other peoples pitches unless you are invited, all pitches can be bypassed on the main track of the grass driveway.

Bring a washing up bowl - we have an outdoor washing up area but it’s easiest and more hygienic to wash up in your own bowl.

We do not accept anything other than breathable groundsheets in order to maintain healthy grass for the next guest. We realise tents likely do not have breathable bottoms but to reduce grass distress please do not pin tarps to the ground outside of your tent/motorhome/carvan/etc or in your awnings.