You are welcome to fish the river from the bank at Three Rivers but please be mindful of a few things:

  • Fishing the dyke to The Boat Shed is allowed but you will come across a lot of people using the water on paddle boards, kayaks and boats so please fish here with care, this is a very busy section of water.
  • All waste i.e food wrappers, line and especially hooks must be removed from your spot when finished.
  • You need a EA Fishing Licence to fish any part of the river.


The River Waveney meanders through the stunning landscapes of East Anglia, offers anglers a true paradise to indulge in their favourite pastime. Its serene flow, flanked by lush greenery and abundant wildlife, makes it an ideal spot for fishing enthusiasts seeking tranquility and the thrill of a good catch.

Stretching across Norfolk and Suffolk counties in England, the River Waveney is renowned for its diverse fish species, picturesque surroundings, and a sense of connection with nature.

The River Waveney boasts a rich variety of fish, making it a haven for anglers of all skill levels. One of the most sought-after catches is the legendary pike. Known for their voracious appetite and impressive size, pike fishing on the Waveney presents a challenge and a thrill for even the most experienced anglers. Reeling in a powerful pike from the depths of the river requires skill, patience, and a little bit of luck. 

In the summer months Pike can be effected by the lower levels of oxygen in the warm water and sometimes cannot recover from a long fight, so please refrain from fishing for pike during the summer months. Come back to Three Rivers during the autumn and winter (as we are open all year) as the weed dies down and where you’ll be amazed at just how well you’ll get on. 

Autumn is best for lure fishing whilst the water still has some good clarity but as the land gets saturated with water and this floods into the river it is best to swap over to deadbaits.

Another prized catch in these waters is the elusive perch. Known for their striking colours and cunning behaviour, perch fishing requires finesse and a good understanding of their habitats. They can be caught on maggot, worm or lure.  Look for over hanging trees or underwater structures.  The Waveney’s quieter backwaters and reed-fringed areas provide the perfect setting for targeting perch, and landing a trophy specimen can be a source of immense satisfaction.

Anglers can also test their skills against the common bream, which can grow to an impressive size in the River Waveney. These bottom-feeders tend to congregate in certain areas, and once an angler locates a bream shoal, the bites can be constant, making for an action-packed day on the water.

For those seeking a more relaxing and nostalgic fishing experience, the River Waveney offers excellent opportunities for catching roach and rudd. These smaller species provide steady action and are perfect for beginners or families looking to spend quality time together on the riverbanks.

The River Waveney is also home to Chub, an attractive fish known for its tenacity and ability to put up a spirited fight. These hard-fighting fish prefer to hide out under trees and prey on terrestrial bug that have fallen from the branches.  In the summer months when the water is clear and warm, fishing top water small lures can entice them out to give some amazing sport. In the cooler months fishing maggot or cheese paste can produce some amazing fish.

Theres plenty of opportunity to fish off the bank along the Waveney, some stretched are controlled by local clubs with offer day tickets but the best fishing can be done by kayak or row boat as you can get to those hard to reach spots, so bring your own boat or hire one from us for the day.

Above Ellingham Mill the river moves slower and is not effected by the tide, here the river can be very weedy in the summer months but produces some very big Chub hiding under the trees.

If you’re float fishing it is best to present your bait just above the weed and let your float trout down the flow.

Feeder fishing works well if you’re targeting those big shoals of Bream.

Fishing on the Waveney is not solely about the catch; it’s about immersing oneself in the natural beauty of the region. As the river winds its way through picturesque villages and unspoiled countryside, anglers can observe an array of birdlife and other wildlife that call the riverbanks home. The tranquil ambiance and soothing sounds of nature provide a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The River Waveney offers a range of fishing experiences to cater to different preferences and abilities. From traditional float fishing to more modern methods like spinning or lure fishing, anglers can employ various techniques to suit their style and target different fish species.

As with any fishing expedition, anglers are encouraged to follow responsible angling practices and adhere to local regulations to preserve the river’s natural beauty and biodiversity. Catch-and-release practices, using barbless hooks, and minimising the impact on the environment are essential considerations for ensuring the sustainability of this natural treasure.

If you’re looking for some lake fishing then try Marsh Trail Lakes, Top Croft Lakes, Weybread Pits, Aldeby Pits, Waveney Valley Lakes.

Fly Fishing: There are only a few rivers in Norfolk / Suffolk that hold trout and most of these are fished by syndicates.

There is a couple of Trout fisheries locally you can fish on day tickets: Willow Farm Trout Fisheries, Chediston: 01986 785250 / 07729 472909, South Elham Lakes: 07879 697427

The coast of Norfolk / Suffolk can offer some amazing sea fishing.  From feathering for Mackerel on the North Norfolk Beaches in the summer to fishing from a charter boat from Lowestoft in the winter for big Cod the choice is yours.

Fishing from the beach can produce a range of fish.  Generally in the summer months crab and Ragworm are used for the Sole and Bass whilst winter Lugworm and Squid will produce Whitting, Flatfish, Dogfish and Cod.

For further information pop into the local tackle shop in Beccles: Angling Direct.

Fishing for Chub on the River Waveney by Vildmark

Lure and deadbait fishing by Vildmark

Pike fishing on the River Waveney by Vildmark