Agreement is between Three Rivers Parc Limited (trading as Three Rivers) and the undersigned

I understand and agree to the following:

I assume full responsibility for the equipment I am provided with during the duration of my hire and the associated accessories.

I understand that no tuition or training is provided by Three Rivers Parc Limited.

I am over 18 years in age and understand I must be present during the use of the equipment. Under 18 year olds are not to be left to use the equipment without the hirer present and on the water with them. 

I agree to obey all local regulations, and all lawful directives from appropriate emergency or law enforcement personnel, while operating or renting the watercraft, I agree that I am aware of the maximum weight limits for the vessel I am hiring and agree to ensure that this limit is not exceeded.

I agree to obtain the required local licenses if I leave the Broads network of rivers.

I am capable of operating the equipment and will check it is in good working order, condition, and repair before I take it out on the river.

I agree to pay the cost of hire even if the weather turns on the day I have booked, light rain and showers are acceptable conditions to go out in. Other adverse weather conditions may however affect my booking and Three Rivers may need to postpone my booking to a suitable date.

I shall not be under the influence of drink or drugs andunderstand if Three Rivers Parc Limited believe me to be so that I shall not be allowed to hire and may forfeit the cost of the booking.

I shall bear all risk of damage or loss of the equipment, or any portion thereof, including but not limited to damage and theft, and shall pay Three Rivers Parc Limited the cost of repair or replacement in the event of but not limited to damage, loss, or theft of the equipment.

I understand that I am liable for all dirty, damaged, lost, or stolen equipment and any fees associated with the listed equipment, and that all equipment must bereturned in good condition as determined by Three Rivers Parc Limited, I understand that I am responsible for returning the listed equipment at the agreed upon time on the due date of the hire period as shown on the Hire Agreement, and that a late fee will be charged for items that are overdue.

I agree that under no circumstances shall the equipment be transported on a vehicle.

RECOGNITION OF RISK: I acknowledge that canoeing/kayaking/paddleboarding and all other water sport is an activity with inherent risks of injury to persons and property. I am aware of those risks and understand them. Three Rivers Parc Limited requires all hirers to wear a Buoyancy Aid at all times while on the water. I understand the dangers of paddling on tidal or still water and understand that weather can play a factor in paddling safety and that such activities are subject to the unpredictable forces of nature.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I hereby release Three Rivers Parc Limited, its agents, contractors, employees, and owners from liability for negligence and hold them harmless from any loss, expense, or cost, including solicitors fees, arising out of damages or injuries, whether to persons or property, including those not listed on this agreement, occurring as a result of the rental or use of said canoe/kayak/paddleboard/row boat and equipment.

This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between me and Three Rivers Parc Limited and no term may be waived or modified, including any provision against oral modification, except in writing signed by both parties. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, by Three Rivers Parc Limited to me, except as contained herein, and Three Rivers Parc Limited shall not be liable for any loss or injury to me nor to anyone else, of any kind or however caused.

Loss or damage of paddles/oars you will be charged £50 each, loss or damage of life buoyancy aids you will becharge £50 each, loss or damage of canoes/kayaks/paddleboards/row boats depending on severity you could be charged up to £1000, I have read this agreement and understand it, and I sign it of my own free will, I am aware that this includes a release of liability and is binding on me, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, or any person claiming by or through me. I sign this agreement but putting "I agree to the Hire Agreement" in writing to Three Rivers Parc Limited with my full name, address and contact number.